Your wishes

“I’m not here anymore.” Still, it is important to share your wishes with your loved ones.

How do you leave your loved ones behind?


It is possible to think that, because you will not be here anymore, you will just let your loved ones figure out your funeral. Or maybe you are at a stage in your life where you do not yet see the importance of planning future funeral wishes right now, for example because you are still ‘too young,’ still full of life or because death still seems far away for you.


Unfortunately, there are (too) many relatives who have experienced the confrontational and sometimes even distressing consequences after a death. This is very annoying for them. To make it a little easier for your loved ones after your death, it is important to share your wishes regarding your funeral with them. That way, you can relieve them a little bit.


Ab-ire funeral care is happy to grant you the space that allows you to think freely about your wishes regarding your future funeral or cremation. The many reactions after every funeral show how much a personally designed funeral has been an important need for many. We can heartily recommend it to you.


You can find countless sites, films, stories, and images about funeral ideas on the Internet. But not everything you see online is also locally executable. Because, in addition to the Funeral Services Act, cemeteries and crematoria all have their own rules and regulations. Not everything you see online is possible.


Ab-ire is happy to inform you about the local (im)possibilities with regard to your wishes.

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