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If someone close to you dies or if you want to have wishes arranged concerning a future (soon to be expected) death, the experience, location, and possibilities of the funeral centre play a significant role.

Ab-ire funeral care is one of the only private funeral directors in Almere with its own mortuary and funeral home facilities in Almere Haven. When you use the services of Ab-ire funeral care, you immediately experience the many advantages of having your own funeral home.

Benefits of the funeral home of Ab-ire funeral care

It is important to us that you experience our funeral care as accessible, attractive, and intimate. To achieve this, we consciously made our funeral home look like a living room.

Because we have our own mortuary and funeral centre in Almere Haven, we are no longer dependent on the available time, space, and agenda of the cemetery in Almere Haven or the cemetery and crematorium Almere in Almere Stad concerning facilities and services.

At Ab-ire funeral care, we are now more flexible in being able to offer our services, such as:

Space, time, and calmness.

Dependence versus independence – this makes a difference.

Intimate living room atmosphere.

Informally saying goodbye.

Professionalism, experience, and expertise.

Cost control.

Space, time, and calmness

Funeral visit(s): At Ab-ire, everyone gets the time and space they want and need to visit the deceased in our funeral home in Almere Haven. For one person, 10 minutes will suffice, while the other may feel the need to sit next to the deceased at the coffin for 45 minutes in peace.

Condolence visit(s): In our funeral home in Almere, we offer you the opportunity and space for condolence visit(s). We have experienced that family and guests often need more time than originally planned for the condolence visit. This is never a problem at our funeral home. We never plan more than one condolence per evening. We will never charge extra costs for any exceeding time in condolence.

Farewell ceremony: In our funeral home, we offer you the opportunity to hold a “farewell ceremony” intimately and informally in our living room. You will get all the time you need for this. After all, it is the last and final moment when the deceased is still physically with you.

We have experienced that relatives greatly appreciate the time and peace we give them at such an important moment.

Dependence versus independence – this makes a difference

There is no life event in which emotions occupy such an essential place as at a funeral. At those moments, there is a need for possibilities, space, and time, and people do not want to have to think in terms of limitations.

With the information below, we want to show you that the independent services of Ab-ire make a difference.

External agenda: One of the most restrictive aspects of the use of facilities such as the mortuary and funeral home is that it is usually remarkably busy at the cemetery and crematorium Almere in Almere Stad. The crowds there also directly affect the use of the auditorium, the reception room, the mortuary, and the funeral home in Almere Haven. For example, due to crowds at the crematorium Almere in Almere Stad, no staff may be available to receive family in the funeral home in Almere Haven.

The external funeral home Almere: Because a family visit often has to be planned between the already planned services, funerals and cremations, there is little or no room for the reserved time to run out. If relatives need a little more time at the moment (after all, emotions cannot be controlled), then delay is often a problem. That is of course the last thing that you are waiting for at such a moment.

External auditorium and/or reception room: The business at the cemetery and crematorium Almere strongly influences the time available for the auditorium and/or reception room in Almere Stad and the cemetery in Almere Haven. The standard is 30 minutes for an auditorium and coffee room. If available, there is also a choice of 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or longer. In consultation, it is also possible to rent the auditorium for 30 minutes and the reception room for 45 or 60 minutes, for example.

Exceeding a once reserved time for the auditorium or coffee room can understandably lead to a delay for the next funeral when it is busy.

Considering unforeseen circumstances, it is primarily the responsibility of the funeral director with whom you have arranged the funeral to reserve sufficient time for your funeral, based on your wishes. The funeral director’s extensive experience and expertise can prevent situations like this.

External costs: Cemetery Almere Haven or cemetery and crematorium Almere in Almere Stad charge a base rate for the rent and use of their mortuary and funeral home. At an additional cost, this includes a 45-minute family visit or, if desired, a 45-minute family visit and a 45-minute condolence evening. Extra costs will be charged for exceeding this time and for all other visits and additional services. For example, the facility costs for the use of the funeral home of the cemetery Almere Haven or the cemetery and crematorium Almere can quickly add up.

In addition, there are costs for use of the auditorium and/or reception room. If the reserved time is exceeded, the cemetery and crematorium Almere will charge a surcharge for every 15 minutes. These costs are of course excluding any consumption.

Our costs: When using our mortuary and funeral home in Almere Haven, all visits for the family are included. In addition, at Ab-ire funeral care you only pay one rate for a condolence evening, regardless of how much time you need.

Saying goodbye in an informal way

Instead of the formal way, we at Ab-ire facilitate a casual and informal atmosphere and environment that you can look back on with fond memories, even years later.

The passing, having to say goodbye and having to let go, having to arrange the funeral and having to bury or cremate a loved one is often a major event for many people to a greater or lesser extent.

Especially with experiences like these, there is usually a strong need for togetherness, connection, and the willingness and ability to be “together.”

Cost control

Your loved ones can be faced with very unpleasant financial surprises after a funeral. This is often the result of multiple factors that make cost transparency a complex matter.

Remarkably, many personal wishes and alternative options are cost-reducing but are nevertheless passed on as more expensive by various organizations, because there is supposedly a breach of contract or loss of income.

At Ab-ire, we only look after your interests, also concerning your spending scope. We can do this because our services are completely independent. This is regardless of whether you choose cremation in crematorium Almere, a cremation in crematorium Cremaere or a burial at the cemetery in Almere Haven or Almere Stad.

At Ab-ire, we think that it is very important that even people with a small budget are given the opportunity to say goodbye to their deceased appropriately and respectfully. Are you limited in your budget, but do you still want to arrange an intimate and informal farewell? Then you are certainly at the right place at Ab-ire funeral care.

We are happy to inform you about the various options we can offer you.

Professionalism, experience, and expertise

Many people often underestimate the importance of professionalism. Professionalism is much more than just practical experience and expertise.

Integrity, social skills such as empathy, good (non-)verbal communication skills and discretion are qualities that you can expect from a funeral director.

From the very first contact you have with the mortician until the day of the funeral, and often beyond, you will find that the mortician’s professionalism, experience, and expertise can make all the difference. Ab-ire has been active as a funeral director in Almere for more than 22 years. Ab-ire is active in guiding, designing, and taking care of funerals, burials, and cremations from A to Z.

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