About Ab-ire

“Ab-ire is the Latin name for ‘passing over’ or ‘returning to …’.
With this, Ab-ire funeral care does not imply that there necessarily is a previous or next life.


Ab-ire is the Latin name for ‘passing over’ or ‘returning to …’. Without compromising etiquette, (church) traditions and funeral rituals, Ab-ire offers plenty of room for personal interpretation and design of the funeral, burial or cremation in Flevoland and Het Gooi.


Farewell centre Almere Flevoland

In line with its theme “Space to think freely,” Ab-ire has its own mortuary and farewell center in Almere, completely in a living room atmosphere. From here, we organize funerals, burials or cremations in Flevoland and Het Gooi. Martijn is in line with the increasing need to be able to say goodbye in an intimate and informal way.


Independent funeral care in Flevoland and Het Gooi

Regardless of whether or where you are insured, you can always count on our personal and unique funeral service and respectful involvement. Martijn Huffnagel works completely independently as a mortician. Because of this, Martijn has the full scope and freedom to assist and support relatives and to personalize the funeral, burial, or cremation.


Personal contact

As soon as death is certain, Ab-ire is there for you 24/7, directly and personally. With over 34 years of practical experience, you can rely on Martijn’s expertise. He guarantees respectful involvement, support, and funeral guidance.



“Mourning and grief are universal, but everyone manages it in a unique and different way.”
In the room that Ab-ire offers you to “commemorate freely,” there is the possibility to personally plan the funeral, burial, cremation, or memorial service in your very own way.