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Information sources: If you search up funeral care in Almere, it might seem like everything is possible. But, in practice, you will notice that not everything is possible in Almere.

This has to do with the fact that, in addition to the Burial and Cremation Act, every municipality, cemetery and crematorium follows its local regulations and provisions. As a result, funeral services in Almere can differ greatly from funeral services in other regions in the Netherlands.

Even if you request information by telephone or in writing from various funeral organizations in Almere, you will notice that the options differ per organization.

This is mainly due to commercial interests that play a role. Almere Haven cemetery, Almere cemetery in Almere Stad, crematorium in Almere Stad and their facilities are partly owned and partly operated by two large funeral organizations in the region.

From a commercial point of view, these two parties have every interest in making optimal use of their crematorium, their facilities, and their catering. With regard to “objective” disclosures, these parties are very reluctant to name alternative options and locations, even when you ask them about it.

Funeral care Almere: possibilities instead of limitations

At Ab-ire funeral care in Almere, we like to think of possibilities instead of limitations. Partly due to our many years of experience and extensive expertise, we can afford this, because with our services, facility options and funeral arrangements in Almere we are completely independent of third parties. This offers us complete flexibility in terms of possibilities.

Personal interpretation and design – “Space to remember freely”

Of course, we respect funeral etiquette and (church) traditions. If this suits you, we have a lot to offer you at Ab-ire funeral care in Almere.

In response to the increasing need for a more contemporary interpretation and design of the funeral, we have specialized in arranging funeral care in Almere with a more individual, personal character over the past 22 years.

Children’s funeral in Almere

Martijn Huffnagel has extensive experience in arranging and supervising children’s funerals and funerals involving children, young adults, and people with intellectual disabilities.

In general, children, young adults and people with intellectual disabilities experience death and funerals in a quite different way than adults do. Such funerals, therefore, require more specific attention and expertise, which we can certainly offer at Ab-ire funeral care.

Ab-ire funeral care in Almere, a trusted concept for over 22 years

Intention and passion: A good intention and passion for this special profession alone are insufficient within the funeral care in Almere.

Great responsibility: Arranging, taking care of, and supervising a funeral in Almere requires great responsibility from the mortician. Extensive practical experience, expertise and professionalism are an essential part of this responsibility.

A lack of professionalism, experience and expertise has already led to distressing situations for many.

Practical experience and expertise at Ab-ire funeral care Almere: Before Martijn Huffnagel started Ab-ire funeral care Almere in January 1998 as an independent mortician. Before that, he had already developed 12 years of experience and expertise in all aspects of practical funeral care.

To avoid the dangers of tunnel vision and professional blindness in this beautiful profession and to develop experience and expertise, Martijn consciously chose to work for three private morticians in three different regions during these 12 years.

Trusted concept – not something to be taken for granted: Martijn acknowledges that, in addition to his passion and professionalism, his practical experience and expertise have also proved to be key factors during and after the start-up of Ab-ire funeral care. His professional funeral services, personal approach and the time and space he offered relatives have ensured that Ab-ire funeral care has quickly developed into a trusted concept in Almere.

We are incredibly grateful for this appreciation. Especially within our field and profession, trust is extremely important and essential.

Communication and accessibility at Ab-ire funeral care Almere

24/7 availability and excellent communication are the basis of trust. For relatives who have just been confronted with a death, there is nothing more frustrating than calling your mortician, and:

He or she is hardly or not available.

You have to deal with an operator who has to put you on hold one or more times before you are connected to the right person.

You first have to go through a whole menu of options to eventually get the “right” person on the line.

You first have to listen to annoying music on hold for minutes before you get to speak to someone.

To prevent all this, Ab-ire funeral care Almere has consciously chosen not to use a call centre. If you call Ab-ire funeral care Almere, you will always get to speak directly to Martijn Huffnagel.


If a passing is very unexpected, then you unexpectedly have to look for funeral care in Almere. If you are not yet familiar with funeral care in Almere, making the right choice can be quite a challenge for you.

It can be hard to decide on which selection criteria you decide. Many people do not have the faintest idea of what they can expect and cannot expect from funeral care in Almere.

The first thing a lot of people do is look at the references of relatives on the website or Google. The experiences of other relatives often provide a better judgment about the reliability of the funeral services than, for example, a quality mark.

Trade associations and quality marks

The funeral industry has several industry associations, each of which carries its own quality mark. In addition, there are so-called “specialist” funeral quality marks in circulation. These quality marks suggest certain reliability, quality, or specialism.

At Ab-ire funeral care, we have no intention of casting aspersions, but we have experienced that the quality marks for the funeral industry appear to be a fraud in terms of reliability, quality, or specialism.

We have, for example, experienced that it is possible to register for the various quality marks (of which we will not mention the names) by email without there having been a personal intake interview, a quality check, or a location visit.

After we had answered a limited number of general questions by email, which had little to no relation to quality assessment, we received the various quality mark logos by email with the invoice for the fee owed as an attachment.

Of course, we leave it to you and your relatives to make your value judgment.

For commercial reasons, some morticians think it is important to carry as many quality marks as possible.

Based on the above experiences, we at Ab-ire do not see the added value of these quality marks. We have therefore consciously chosen not to carry them.

For Ab-ire, the many reviews of the relatives are valued more than the use of logos of quality marks that are not familiar with our services and funeral care.

BGNU quality mark.

Quality Register Funeral Directors

Quality mark Fair funeral

Funeral care quality mark foundation

Quality mark Personal funeral care

Quality mark Demention friendly funeral care

Ab-ire funeral care Almere: “Precaution, the best aftercare”

There are many reasons why it is (or can be) important to discuss your funeral timely. Especially when you have many or special personal wishes concerning your future funeral, it is useful to discuss the options in advance. After all, some wishes simply require extra attention, time, and preparation. But personal situations or certain family circumstances can also give rise to this.

With our service “Precaution, the best aftercare,” we are happy to offer you a non-obligation free introductory consultation to discuss all your wishes and the diverse options available with each other.

Policy check: If you have one or more funeral policies, it can be checked whether they still match your wishes.

Funeral costs: We can offer you a specified cost estimate based on this conversation and your wishes.

It is possible to record your funeral and wishes for your relatives on paper. You can always change and/or add to these wishes later.

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