Funeral insurance

No financial position offers complete certainty:

Therefore, taking out funeral insurance can certainly make sense for many people. While all other insurance policies only cover risks, funeral policies always pay out.


A funeral policy that matches your personal wishes and circumstances:

Unfortunately, practice has shown that many funeral policy holders have a funeral policy that does not or poorly match their personal wishes and circumstances.


A maze of products & providers:

There are so many different insurances and providers, it can be difficult to keep an overview.


Separating the wheat from the chaff:

Funeral policies often appear complete. However, there are many restrictive clauses in the policy conditions, so often the relevant policy does not match what you have in mind. As with usury policies, it is also difficult to correctly interpret the descriptions in order to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and to determine whether the policy in question actually matches your wishes and/or those of the relatives.


A good funeral policy:

  • Relieves; financial freedom and independence
  • Is transparent; policy structure must be clear, without any misleading surprises
  • Is tailored to your personal wishes & needs
  • Is tailored to local circumstances
  • Considers any future additional wishes
  • Indexes sufficiently with the actual cost increases
  • Has competitive premiums


Policy check:

As with other policies, it is advisable to review your funeral policy from time to time to see if it still meets your personal wishes. It may be wise to adjust your funeral policy upwards and downwards.


Martijn Huffnagel can tell you which type of policy suits you best, without obligation, based on your personal needs and circumstances.


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