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Death is a major event for many. At Ab-ire funeral care, we are aware that immediately afterwards many confrontational moments will follow for relatives, such as arranging a cremation in crematorium Almere in Almere Stad or in crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten.

Relatives usually ask for the help and expertise of a local funeral director. They assume that the funeral service will conduct all of their wishes. Martijn Huffnagel of Ab-ire funeral care has been a well-known name since 1998 as a local funeral director in Almere and the surrounding area.

If you choose the services of Ab-ire funeral care, you will personally experience the added value of our expertise. We try to help you as best as possible, not only during the intervening period of the death and the day of the funeral but also during the ceremony preceding the cremation itself.

Added value Ab-ire funeral care crematorium Almere

At Ab-ire funeral care, there are a number of specific characteristics that make many people choose our services. We are, for example, talking about the following aspects:

Years of experience and expertise.

Personal approach, also in crematorium Almere.

Optimal communication.

Cremation in crematorium Cremaere – an environmentally friendly and sustainable crematorium.

Minimal concerns about cremations.

One of the most beneficial options.

Years of experience and expertise

At Ab-ire funeral care, you will always come into direct contact with Martijn Huffnagel. Martijn has arranged cremations in crematorium Almere for over 22 years. He is a funeral director who knows exactly how to look after your wishes.

Nothing is more valuable to relatives than to be guided during this sad period by a funeral director with the right experience, thorough professional knowledge and who is aware of the social, societal, and technical developments surrounding death and funeral care. These characteristics have led to the fact that a cremation provided by Ab-ire funeral care has become known as very personal and reliable.

Together with good mutual communication, Ab-ire funeral care can guide you in designing a cremation that is completely tailored to your unique wishes.

It is nice to have someone standing behind you during this entire period, someone who looks after your wishes and guides you in this.

Ab-ire funeral care provides most cremations in crematorium Almere at Kruidenweg 3 in Almere Stad and in crematorium Cremaere at Damsluisweg in Almere Buiten. We also regularly provide cremations in crematorium Den en Rust in Bilthoven, crematorium Laren and crematorium Ölandhorst in Lelystad. But we can arrange the crematorium in another crematorium if you wish so.

Personal approach

At Ab-ire funeral care, we know better than anyone that a cremation deserves personal attention. Even if you choose to use the facilities of crematorium Almere in Almere Stad or crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten, Ab-ire offers you the greatest possible care.

Relatives need the time and space to process their loss. They do not want to spend a lot of time on all kinds of business aspects. Ab-ire funeral care is there to relieve you.

We are happy to offer you the “space to think freely.” If you have your own specific or unique wishes with regard to your cremation, we will gladly look at them with you and will try to design and implement them as best as possible. It is our aim to arrange the cremation exactly as you wish. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Optimal communication

At Ab-ire funeral care, we value personal contact and direct lines of communication with relatives. This communication is essential to be able to provide you with optimal service.

In order to prevent relatives from being put on hold when registering a death or when reporting critical changes to, for example, clothing or music, we consciously chose not to use a call centre.

Martijn Huffnagel is personally available 24/7 to report a death. Martijn is happy to speak to you personally for questions, to pass on changes or to obtain more information about the upcoming cremation. Ab-ire funeral care is there for you day and night.

Cremation in crematorium Cremaere – an environmentally friendly and sustainable crematorium

Nowadays, there is an increasing need for a sustainable and environmentally friendly burial and cremation. Crematorium Cremaere largely fulfils this wish. They make use of a 100% electric oven. Their aim is a 100% CO2-neutral cremation.

In addition, Ab-ire funeral care has been supplying environmentally friendly and sustainable coffins and urns for a long time.

Minimal concerns

Therefore, you can fully rely on the help and expertise of Ab-ire funeral care. We are happy to help you alleviate your worries. This way, you can focus on spending time with your loved ones, without having to spend unnecessarily much time on facility funeral activities.

At Ab-ire funeral care, we are fully aware that you already have enough worries after death. In addition to arranging a funeral, there are often many other people and matters that demand your attention.

One of the most beneficial options

Of course, costs are not entirely unimportant. Considering that many people are not or insufficiently insured, funeral costs are highly dependent on the wishes you have and the choices you make.

Because Ab-ire can offer you several services and facilities from our own, you can save 35-40% on funeral costs, without compromising on our trusted care and quality.

Costs of a cremation in crematorium Almere in Almere Stad or in crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten

The average funeral costs for cremation in crematorium Almere are currently between €4.500 and €6.800. Ab-ire can offer you a basic rate of €3.950. Your additional wishes and choices will of course determine the final costs.

You and your wishes are most important to us. We inform you about the many options that Ab-ire can offer, tailored to your personal wishes. We will then send you a quote. Our quotes are fully specified and clear for everyone.

Feel free to contact us. Regardless of whether you need immediate help, expect death or whether you want to arrange your own cremation, we are there for you.

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