To bury

The period after a death is often experienced as incredibly sad by many people. It is an often emotional period in which it can be difficult to find the balance between the feeling and the ratio. Arranging the funeral is one of them. To help you as much as possible, Ab-ire funeral care is available 24/7. We have been arranging and providing funerals at the cemetery in Almere since 1998. You can choose between two different cemeteries: cemetery Almere in Almere Haven or cemetery Almere in Almere Stad.


The day of the funeral is an important day for relatives. Relatives say goodbye to their loved one for the last time. It is a day on which all the conversations and considerations of the preceding days come together. Particularly on a day like this, the years of practical experience and expertise of Ab-ire funeral care make all the difference.


If you choose a burial, there are several options:


Interment in an existing family grave
A new (family) grave
Interment in a general grave
Children’s graves
Urn graves
Natural graves

Both cemetery Almere Haven and cemetery Almere Stad have private graves. In contrast to cemetery Almere Haven, cemetery Almere Stad also has general graves in addition to private rental graves.




The endless possibilities, the often irrelevant information on the internet and the many (local) regulations make it impossible to figure it out by yourself. Each cemetery has its own rates, terms, and conditions. Ab-ire funeral is happy to inform you about this. Ab-ire funeral care has been a well-known name in Almere, Lelystad, Zeewolde, Bussum, Hilversum, Laren, Muiden, Muiderberg and Naarden for over 20 years.


Piet Römer


How you arranged the funeral of Paul (my brother) was a revelation for me and very reassuring to experience.

Lea Schaefer


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Yvonne Pieterson en familie


Nothing but praise! Martijn, I want to thank you again for everything you have done in this challenging time for us.