Ab-ire funeral care is happy to inform you about the diverse services we offer regarding funerals.


People like to invest in fun things, like weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, et cetera. These are things to look forward to and are fun to organize. In Western culture, there is little attention for the funeral or cremation of ourselves of our loved ones.


Understandable, perhaps, but very unfortunate…


A funeral deserves to be personally shaped. At Ab-ire, we aim to inspire you. We offer diverse services to shape your funeral according to your wishes.


Ab-ire has learned that relatives almost always experience more resignation from the fact that they were able to design the funeral service in accordance with the wishes expressed by the deceased. Ab-ire offers many services to design your funeral according to the wishes of the deceased.


Remembering in music


At most funeral ceremonies, a musical setting is chosen. Music can, for example, reinforce the spoken word. But it is just as important to offer relatives the opportunity to let their own memories of the deceased run free during the music. Relatives (including young children) often have emotional associations with certain pieces of music. It is therefore obvious that these associations often determine the choice of funeral music.


Photo and/or DVD compilation


In addition to music, there are now other forms of remembering the deceased. People for example choose to project an image compilation about the life of the deceased during the funeral ceremony.


Image registration


A lasting memory in pictures


During a funeral, important moments escape the attention of the relatives, partly because of the emotions. That is why more and more people experience the added value of having a DVD recording of the funeral. This can be a very valuable memory for later.


Ab-ire funeral care is happy to inform you about the diverse services we offer regarding funerals.


Lea Schaefer


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Piet Römer


How you arranged the funeral of Paul (my brother) was a revelation for me and very reassuring to experience.

Yvonne Pieterson en familie


Nothing but praise! Martijn, I want to thank you again for everything you have done in this challenging time for us.