Ash destinations

Ash destinations


General niche: If no final choice has been made yet, there is the possibility to keep the urn safe at the crematorium for a certain period of time. However, this general niche is not open to the general public.
Ash spreading: Ash spreading is possible, whether it is in the presence of relatives or not. It can take place by sea, on the ash spreading field of the crematorium or on most cemeteries. With the permission of the landowner, ash spreading is also allowed on private property.
Columbarium: Columbarium: Most crematoria and various cemeteries have a columbarium. This is a wall in which decorative urns can be placed.
Family/urn grave: It is also possible to place the urn in a family grave or in an urn grave. You can also choose to keep the urn at home. offers relatives a living memory of a lost one in the form of a tree of your choice. By mixing the ashes with the root bed in a unique way, it is partly absorbed as a nutrient. In this way, life continues in nature after death.
Ash jewelry and urns: There are many types of memorial jewelry and ornamental urns in which the ashes or part of the ashes can be kept. The ashes can also be incorporated into a crystal or in a diamond.


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