Working method of Ab-ire

“Martijn does not pretend that he can completely relieve the grief or concerns of the relatives. But he can help you alleviate your worry.”

Personal contact


Ab-ire does not work with a call centre. As soon as death is certain, Ab-ire can be reached 24/7, directly and personally. Martijn Huffnagel guarantees personal guidance, based on the strength of “Room to remember freely.” Martijn does not pretend to be able to relieve the grief or worries of relatives. However, by communicating personal funeral wishes in close consultation with the relatives and by professionally helping to shape and coordinate them, Martijn may be able to alleviate some worries. Besides funerals and cremations in Almere, Ab-ire also provides funeral services in and from Lelystad, Zeewolde, Bussum, Hilversum, Laren, Muiden, Muiderberg, and Naarden.




Martijn Huffnagel is convinced that everyone can decide for themselves how he or she shapes life. This is his motivation to contribute to the period when material life is over. The space that is created to “remember freely” offers the opportunity to design farewell, funeral, burial, or cremation in a very personal way.




Martijn has experienced that, for a deeply personal funeral, good and intensive contact with the relatives alone is not enough. It is his years of experience, his empathy, and his expertise that relatives can rely on!


Martijn Huffnagel has extensive experience in arranging and supervising extensive funerals, in which many hundreds to 3.000 people were involved in the cremation or burial, as well as very intimate living room ceremonies.