Funeral expenses

It is impossible to express the costs of a funeral under the term ‘basic costs’. Everyone has a different interpretation of a basic funeral. In addition, cemeteries, and crematoria each have their own rates. Moreover, funeral expenses are highly dependent on individual wishes and needs. In order to determine the funeral expenses, we first have to make an inventory of your personal wishes and needs.


We attach great importance to personal attention. Ab-ire is happy to provide you with a personal quote for a funeral in Almere, Lelystad, Zeewolde, Bussum, Hilversum, Laren, Muiden, Muiderwerg, and Naarden.


We also offer an adapted concept for people with, for example, a limited funeral budget. They can say goodbye to the deceased in a private circle from our own farewell center at De Steiger 170 in Almere Haven.


Anne Karen Bakker


Dear Martijn, thank you for taking loving care of Marion’s funeral and for the preparations beforehand. We had a wonderful funeral where everything was exactly right. Good luck with your work.

Piet Römer


How you arranged the funeral of Paul (my brother) was a revelation for me and very reassuring to experience.