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Martijn Huffnagel entered the funeral service industry in 1986. At that time, there were a limited number of crematoria distributed throughout the Netherlands. These crematoria mainly fulfilled a regional function. Since that time, the choice of cremation has increased. As a result of the increasing demand, many local crematoria have been set up, including crematorium Almere and crematorium Cremaere.

When Ab-ire started in 1998, Almere itself did not yet have a crematorium. People still had to divert to Amsterdam, Bilthoven or Lelystad. Nowadays there are two crematoriums in Almere: Crematorium Almere in Almere Stad en Crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten.

“Space to remember freely,” a personal touch

The design of the funeral or cremation is something very personal. Sometimes the deceased already very emphatically expressed his or her wishes. But often it is up to the relatives to design the funeral.

One must think about how the cremation can be designed. Do you choose for a cremation in Crematorium Almere in Almere Stad or Crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten? Would you like to use the auditorium and/or reception room? How much time do you think you will need in the auditorium and the reception room? Would you like a funeral service in the church before the cremation or do you prefer an alternative location for the funeral ceremony? Then a date and time have to be determined. The day and time of the funeral or cremation are partly dependent on the availability of the desired and required facilities in the crematorium, church, or alternative location.

At Ab-ire, we have over 22 years of experience to ensure that all of this runs smoothly for you.

Depending on your wishes, Ab-ire offers you various cremation options in Almere from our funeral centre in Almere Haven, such as:

Crematorium Almere in Almere Stad: This crematorium is one of the regular cremations in the region of Almere. This crematorium offers facilities such as a spacious auditorium, reception room and cafeteria area.

Crematorium Cremaere in Almere Buiten: This crematorium mainly focuses on ‘technical’ cremations. These are cremations where relatives do not use the facilities of the crematorium. Crematorium Cremaere offers a small farewell room for a private group.

CO2-neutral cremation: As one of the very first crematoriums in the Netherlands, Crematorium Cremaere has a fully electrically heated cremation oven that uses green electricity. This makes Crematorium Cremaere completely CO2-neutral.

Sustainable cremation: In terms of sustainability, Crematorium Cremaere distinguishes itself from all regular crematoria in the Netherlands. Crematorium Cremaere is one of the first and only environmentally friendly, environmentally conscious, and sustainable crematoria in the Netherlands. For example, Cremaere is one of the few crematoria in the Netherlands that delivers the ashes in a fully biodegradable urn.

Cheap cremation Almere: The crematorium Cremaere shows that sustainability does not have to be expensive. Cremaere is one of the cheapest crematoria in the Netherlands when it comes to a ‘technical’ cremation. Crematorium Cremaere is many hundreds of euros cheaper compared to Crematorium Almere.

In addition to arranging cremations in Almere, Ab-ire also regularly arranges funerals and cremations elsewhere in the region and, if you wish, throughout the country.

Information: Please do not hesitate to contact us – preferably in good time. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of your cremation wishes and the associated funeral and cremation costs.

Funeral costs Almere: Unless you are informed in time, relatives can be faced with very unpleasant financial surprises after a funeral. This is often the result of multiple factors that make the transparency of costs a complex matter.

Remarkably, many personal wishes and alternative possibilities are cost-reducing but are nevertheless passed on as more expensive by various organizations, because there is supposedly a breach of contract or loss of income.

At Ab-ire funeral care, we look after your interests. We can do this because our services are completely independent.

You and your wishes are central. We will inform you about the many options that Ab-ire can offer, tailored to your wishes, and we will gladly provide you with a quote. Our quotes are always fully specified and accessible to everyone.

Regardless of whether you need immediate help, expect an early death or whether you want to arrange your funeral, Ab-ire is available 24/7.

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