We have a coffin for everyone. A beautiful farewell calls for beautiful coffins. At Ab-ire, we have an extensive range of funeral coffins. With an eye for detail, Ab-ire pays a lot of attention to both the execution and finishing of its basic collection: poplar, catalpa, coniferous and oak boxes. In addition to the models shown below, Ab-ire can offer you a range of alternative models on request.


We understand that buying a coffin can be difficult and emotional. The offering is large, and you may not really know what your loved one would have liked. Unfortunately, we cannot take away the emotional aspect, but we can help you make a choice.

Catalpa 10
Catalpa 10-K (Kroondeksel)
Catalpa 11 (staafgrepen)
Populier 10
Populier 10-K (Kroondeksel)
Populier 11 (Staafgrepen)
NA 10 (Grenen)
NA 11 (Grenen met staafgrepen)
NA 12 (Grenen met touwgrepen)
E 210 (Blank eiken)
E 110 (Donker eiken)
E 210-K ( Blank eiken met kroondeksel)
E 110-K (Donker eiken met kroondeksel)
E 111 (Donker eiken met staafgrepen)
E 211-K (Blank eiken met kroondeksel en staafgrepen)
E 111-K (Donker eiken met kroondeksel en staafgrepen)
WI 10 (Populier wit)
WI 10 (Populier wit)
WI 10-K (Populier wit met kroondeksel)
EX 10 Blank eiken (Italiaans model)
EL 22 Donker eiken (Italiaans model met messing grepen)
EX 30 Blank eiken met staafgrepen
EL 30 Donker eiken met staafgrepen
XI 00 Gelaagd populieren (zonder grepen)
XI 11 Gelaagd Populieren met staafgrepen
GE 40 Pitrieten kist
GE 40 Pitrieten kistGE 50 Pitrieten kist
GE 60 Bamboe kist


Piet Römer


How you arranged the funeral of Paul (my brother) was a revelation for me and very reassuring to experience.

Yvonne Pieterson and family


Nothing but praise! Martijn, I want to thank you again for everything you have done in this challenging time for us.

Lea Schaefer


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart”